Self Storage: Is Doing Your Own Digital Marketing Saving or Costing Your Money?

Digital Marketing

As a small to medium-sized self storage owner, we know that one of your fundamental goals is to stretch that marketing budget as far as possible. You may have tried to save money by implementing your own marketing strategies, but this short-term solution didn’t work the way it was supposed to. In fact, there is a good chance that you may be doing more harm than good to your bottom line. Know the Digital Marketing strategies that will make an impact.

Marketing is constantly evolving, and without prior experience, it’s difficult to keep up with current best practices. Staying on top of the latest platforms and mastering the newest digital marketing challenges are tasks that should be left up to the professionals. That, of course, will require you to explore digital marketing companies.

Bear in mind that great marketing doesn’t cost money, it makes money. When you spend money on a marketing initiative, you’re looking for a return. If you want your marketing to make money, you need to hire a digital marketing agency to guide you through the implementation of the right strategies. In the long run, the right marketing will reward you with sustainable profitability.

Digital Marketing

Doing Your Own Digital Marketing Could be Costing You Money

Digital Marketing: Developing an In-House Team Requires Resources

Hiring a digital marketing agency does require a financial investment, but it will still cost less than hiring full-time employees to do the same work. Salary, benefits, and training fees, as well as onboarding new employees into your company culture, can be a costly proposition. Add to that expensive cutting-edge technology and the proper environment for creatives to do their best work, and your costs are growing by the minute. In addition to all of these expenditures, don’t forget to budget for conferences and workshops so that your team can be constantly learning and honing their skills.

Analytics Tools and Professional Expertise Can be Costly

A digital marketing agency brings a high level of expertise to your business. You may actually save money because every member of a digital marketing team is equipped with basic to advanced levels of technical knowledge and skills. If you don’t have staff with this high level of digital marketing experience, it’s highly likely that you’ll miss out on opportunities and subsequent conversions from online traffic. For example, do you know how to locate keywords or set up a Facebook or Google AdWords campaign? On top of that, you need to have subscriptions to web analytics and metrics tools and services. These are not aspects of your business that you can learn by doing research during lunch.

Consistent Support Can Free Up Your Valuable Time

Have you ever been confused and frustrated trying to figure out why a certain ad isn’t appearing on Facebook, or have you ever had your website crash after hours? It takes time, experience, and patience to handle these problems. On the other hand, a digital marketing agency is able to offer consistent support to get these issues resolved promptly and effectively. Having a knowledgeable digital marketing agency during these situations means that you can spend your time making money, not putting out fires.

Greater Efficiency Will Draw Your Target Audience and Benefit Your Business

A digital marketing agency can help you achieve a level of efficiency that you can’t achieve on your own. For example, an agency can help you develop specific personas for your target audience and develop ads directed to prospects who will most likely benefit from your business. This will eliminate the endless trial and error that takes time and money. In the same fashion, a digital marketing agency can effectively interpret your analytics from ad campaigns or conduct A/B testing for your Google AdWords campaigns so that you can quickly start using strategies that will draw website traffic.

Avoid the Risk of Making Costly Mistakes

Even if you do everything by the book, you’re going to make mistakes because the book is constantly being rewritten. Digital marketing is like technology – what worked a few weeks ago is history today. In other words, you are going to make mistakes along the way. For instance, with non-customized ad campaigns, various factors such as negative keywords, long-tail keywords, or ad groups may not be working the way you hoped. This is the point when you get stuck and need the expertise of a digital marketing agency. Your agency can revisit the campaign and fix the problem. You, on the other hand, will spend valuable time trying to determine what went wrong.

Final Thoughts

As a small-to-medium-sized self storage owner, having a digital marketing agency in place enables you to direct your resources toward building your business. As you grow, your digital marketing agency will grow with you, forging a powerful relationship that will become more effective with each step along the way.