What Separates the Best Marketers From the Rest

When you think about marketing, what typically comes to mind are the promotion and sales of your products and services. You view the final creative features: the website, the logo, and the advertising. Next, you make a judgment and fine tune where necessary. 

Then, you monitor your bottom line. If it rises, everybody is happy, and you keep updating and moving forward. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, your marketer, informed by analytics, modifies and restructures the program until you reach your desired outcome. 

This sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, it’s not; there is far more to brilliant marketing campaigns than meets the eye. 

What you don’t see is what separates the average marketers from the best marketers. A good marketer can certainly do the job of making your presence known in all the right places. A great marketer does so much more. The best marketers build  great marketing teams. They collaborate to tell engaging stories because they understand consumer struggles, they make strong data-driven decisions because they are skilled at watching and analyzing trends, and they bask in the glory of their success for a minute and spend the next week scrutinizing what they did right.  

The team at FineView Marketing understands the big picture and they are experts at customizing the right combination of marketing tools and strategies for each of their unique clients.


What Separates the Best Marketers from the Rest

The Best Marketers Know How to Marry Data and Creativity

As Bob Pittman, iHeartMedia Chairman and CEO notes, “Today’s best marketers understand how to meld ‘math and magic.’ ‘ Math refers to the analytical side of marketing. The best marketers capture and use data that their competitors don’t always have. This enables them to make data-driven decisions resulting in an advantage over their competition. At the same time, they are careful not to get so focused on the analytics that they neglect adding new creativity, new platforms, and new technologies to their toolkit. 


For example, In the early days of the internet, few people could have predicted the impact that search engine optimization (SEO) would have on daily life. The marketers who dove head first into the murky waters of SEO before it was easily measured got extraordinary results. That’s the magic side of marketing.

The Best Marketers Know the Competition

Smart marketers research the competition because they want to know what they are up against. They want to get their clients ahead in the industry. If a competitor appears in the top level of Google search results, they focus on what they need to do in order to drive the same result for their customer. They know their strategies and look for any gaps that need to be filled to beat the competition.

The Best Marketers Empathize with the Consumer

The best marketers know how to make the consumer the hero of the story. They clearly identify their target audience creating a buyer persona, and they find ways to make them feel heard and validated. They have the ability to cut through the clutter by putting themselves in the customers shoes and offering solutions to their problems. From copy and design, to the Facebook post that was just scheduled, customer persona is evident in all of their communication efforts. 

The Best Marketers are Innovators

Being a trailblazer by putting new ideas to the test helps marketers stand out in the crowd. The world is constantly evolving; new trends pop up regularly. Sorting through the latest news and technology will keep your company and your clients in the loop. Savvy consumers know how to think critically and see through the noise. The best marketers know when and how to adjust their strategies to reach those consumers. They spot trends and draw conclusions to give your company a competitive edge.

The Best Marketers Set Goals and Then Sets New Ones

Goals are a vision for the future, and wise marketers know that without goals it’s impossible to measure success. Success can be defined in many ways – lead generation, customer acquisition, or revenue generation to name a few. Whatever their objective, the best marketers work collaboratively to ensure your marketing and operational strategies support your goals. They aim for a benchmark, and they don’t stop when they reach your goals. They get busy setting new ones.

The Best Marketers Deliver Results

They work hard at amplifying the effect of the larger marketing stack to grow initiatives and increase sales. Successful marketers focus on measuring results and optimizing for success to be certain that their campaigns drive positive ROI. The best marketers strive to have a larger impact on your company’s growth, making themselves indispensable to your business and your growing bottom line.



Being a great marketer isn’t easy. It takes persistence, consistence, and dedication. It takes more than meets the eye. The best marketers are creative, data-driven, goal oriented, and innovative. They know how to throw all of those factors and more into the pot, stir it up, and make the magic that brings your vision to life.