Eight Strategies to Create a Brilliant Self Storage Email Marketing Campaign

Every single day you’re bombarded with countless automated email newsletters that do little else but give you the task of marking them unread or unsubscribing altogether. Despite all the noise, there’s no denying the impact that a well-written message can have on your prospects and current customers. Email marketing connects you with your target audience to promote your brand, share some news and, most importantly, sell products.

Email is the go-to marketing channel for some of the very best digital marketers. According to Hubspot, there are projected to be 246.5 billion active email users by 2024, and the expected return on investment (ROI) is $42 for each dollar spent. This makes email the best source connecting with existing and prospective customers. 

An effective email marketing campaign enables you to stay top-of-mind by connecting with customers wherever they are in the buying journey. The trick is to send targeted messages that are personalized and optimized for multiple devices.


Create a Brilliant Self Storage Marketing Campaign

Identify Your Goal

Different email campaigns will have different outcomes. Do you want to promote moving and packing supplies or delivery acceptance service, follow up from an abandoned cart, or stay top-of-mind with your audience? If you want to convert qualified leads, an email featuring your unique amenities can bring them closer to a buying decision.

Once you determine the purpose of your campaign, you can create targets. It’s important to include specific metrics in your goal so that you can determine your success based on quantitative data. 

Understand Who You’re Emailing

Have you ever heard the saying from Meredith Hill“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”? What she’s getting at is that if you’re diluting your message to apply to your entire audience, you’re not speaking directly to the recipient. Why would you email your entire self storage audience if you’re trying to promote your warehousing spaces or vehicle storage? In identifying your audience use segmentation to ensure you’re contacting the right people at the right time. Your message has to be relevant and specific.

Personalize Your Content

Do you want your email recipients to feel like one of the hundreds of people in your database, or do you want them to feel as though you’re speaking directly to them? Automation is a time-saver, but it should never be at the cost of personalization. Emails should contain personal recommendations and information that matches the self storage needs of your prospects. If your facility is located in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations, it makes sense to promote the benefits of climate-controlled storage. 

Craft an Engaging Subject Line

If your subject line doesn’t pique the interest of your buyers, they may not be exposed to the rest of your content. Use your subject line as a compelling hook to read further. It should promise value, start the conversation, and be brief and clear. For example, The Right RV Storage for Your Needs.

Include Visuals

Visuals help people to quickly understand the point of the email. Well-intentioned and well-placed imagery that supports your message can increase click-through rates. Depending on your purpose and your audience you can share pictures of well-organized packing and moving supplies, a friendly management staff, or enclosed vehicle parking.

Create the Drip

You can’t expect a single email to do it all. Once you’re solid on your goal, email type, and audience, it’s time to plan the drip. Your campaign needs to take your recipients on a journey, with each email serving a single purpose. If you’re cultivating your leads, you might have a few educational emails explaining the different types of storage. Next, you’re ready to move to the more conversation-focused emails like the options for storing business inventory or hobby supplies. The longer your sales cycle, the more emails you’ll need.

Add a Call to Action

Whether you want the reader to engage further with the next piece of content or make a purchase, your call to action must be clear. Don’t confuse your customers with too many options. Instruct them to take action and set expectations for what will occur. You might ask the readers if they are going to be remodeling in the near future and will need storage during the process. Adhere to call to action (CTA) best practices by asking with clear language and emphasizing the CTA button with contrasting design elements.

Remember the Opt-Out Link

Keeping people on your list who aren’t interested in your emails only skews your open rates and increases the number of people looking at your emails as spam. Always provide a way for them to opt out if they no longer care to receive your communications.


By implementing some of these strategies, you’ll stay top-of-mind with existing and prospective customers, your business will grow, and your email marketing campaigns will be brilliant!