Researching, strategizing, creating and tracking programs for current and future marketing needs.

Creating a strong foundation for your marketing program starts with creating a strong marketing strategy. We work collaboratively with our clients to evaluate current programs and challenges, research competitors, and understand your typical customer. Armed with this information, we can develop a custom plan to drive success.

Our team incorporates marketing strategy into everything we do. Whether you need a full marketing plan, advice on a specific project or help with ongoing marketing management, let us help maximize your resources by implementing our complete suite of marketing services. We will create a customized plan to drive growth.

Reporting and analytics

Analytics & Reporting

Monthly, quarterly, or annually, how do you want to track results? Whether you need custom analytics or a do-it-yourself reporting solution, we can manage your marketing data to track results and improve effectiveness.

Marketing training and workshops

Training & Workshops

Sometimes you just need a little extra help understanding and implementing marketing programs. We have instructions, best practices and presentations your team can use to implement your initiatives. Plus, we’re happy to customize a workshop to your exact needs. 

Mystery shop services

Mystery Shops & Customer Service

Let us help build your sales and customer service programs. From creating a sales script to coaching your staff on customer service dos and don’ts. We have the tools you need to monitor your teams lead tracking and sales skills through mystery shop programs.

Customer relationship management CRM services

Customer Relationship Management

Let us help manage your interactions with past, current and potential customers. We can help you build a plan focusing on customer retention and ultimately drive sales growth.

Offering memorandum

Offering Memorandums

Whether you need a new template or a completed offering memorandum, we can create a attractive, professional presentation that will have investors coming back for more. From single home to multi-family, and commercial investments, we look forward to being part of the reason you raise the capital to close on your next deal.

Presentation development

Presentation Development

Let us help create unique presentations or proposals for your investment opportunities. We’ll incorporate both graphics and engaging content for the visual and detail oriented types alike. Ensure engagement and consistency at every potential investor touch point.

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Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

A purposeful, results-based strategy is at the core of everything we do. Do you need help building a plan and then want to use your resources to execute? Not a problem. We work closely with clients to create a marketing strategy designed to meet your specific objectives.

Marketing campaign management

Marketing Campaign Development

Once you have a strategy, what specific deliverables are needed to achieve your goals? Do you need help executing on the smaller, tactical operations that will lead to achieving your big picture goals? Let us help build both your marketing strategy and your marketing campaigns to get you there.

Marketing research

Marketing Research

Marketing research provides relevant data to help solve marketing challenges. It’s an integral part of the business planning process. Let us help you gather data through surveys, competitive analysis, focus groups, interviews and more.

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