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Give each customer the buying journey they desire, whether that be a phone call, walk-in, reservation and NOW online rental!

On “the” Line Rentals by FineView Marketing is a proprietary, contactless online rental process, created to ensure your customers are able to rent from anywhere in 3 easy steps. 

Designed with our main goal in mind, creating seamless customer experiences, the process will align with your on-site operations. Knowing every self storage facility may operate slightly differently, we wanted to create a solution that can be tweaked to mimic your operational differences.

In just 3 short minutes your customers can complete their transactions from anywhere and on any device. No waiting, no rushing, no surprises.

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Rent self storage online with on "the" line rentals by FineView Marketing

On ``the`` Line with the 21-Fineview Streetcar

On "the" Line Rentals by FineView Marketing

The unique flavor of the Number 21-Fineview streetcar in Pittsburgh, PA., made it one of the most popular routes in the area. It’s distinctive character stems not only from running on what was probably the steepest grade in North America, but from it’s warmth and affection for the people of the Fineview neighborhood. Fineview commuters were able to access this streetcar directly from front porches, driveways, and private staircases. 

Back in the 1930s and 40s my family rode this streetcar to work, to shop, and to visit friends. I’ve heard stories from my great aunt and grandma that the driver would actually hop out of his seat and “give them a hand up” the steps to the streetcar. This popular line ran until 1966, when on its last trip, neighbors actually came outside to wave goodbye! 

Number 21-Fineview built its past reputation on close, caring relationships, just as FineView Marketing does today. Our rental program, On “the” Line Rentals, is designed not only to benefit you, but your customers, by “giving them a hand up” to the most convenient contactless rental platform possible: no waiting for office hours, no rushing, and no surprises. The On “the” Line Rentals advantage to you is a strategy that will increase conversions, allow you to be more competitive, and increase your bottom line.

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