Meet Our Leadership Team

Christina Alvino

Founder and CEO

Leslie Bradshaw

Client Marketing Manager

Tom Brinker

Lead Web Developer

Bobbi Alvino

Content Writer

Our team is built from a network of experts

Why a network? Because we believe in partnering with the best! Our continually growing team is made up of marketing professional, partners and entrepreneurs who believe in the same mission we do – helping you grow your business! What’s our advantage? Our combination of discipline specialists, strategic orientation, creativity and culture allow us to deliver outstanding service to our clients and positive business results.

John Manes
Pinnacle Storage Properties

Sydney Alcala
GotSmith Studio
Web Developer

Rania Bitar
Pinnacle Storage Properties

Candice DeRiso
Beckmann Collaborative
Marketing Strategist

Shawn Graham
Deep Varnish
Digital Marketing Strategist

Karli Isiyel
Graphic Designer

Justin Mastrangelo
JA Interactive
Digital Marketing Specialist

Joel Whitehouse
Thousand Box
Web Developer

Randi Zimmerman
Beckmann Collaborative
Marketing Specialist

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