What Do Self-Storage Customers Expect From a Website in 2021?

Prior to the mid nineties, a self storage website was merely a vehicle for a self storage company to have an online presence and provide prospects with generic information. Potential tenants might have taken a quick look at a couple of websites, maybe made a few phone calls, and then decided to visit several facilities. If they were satisfied that the first facility met their self storage needs, they didn’t look further.

Today’s consumers want more. They not only expect you to have a self storage website, but they want that website to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and mobile responsive. They want their problems solved and their questions answered and they don’t like to waste time. They want easy online research, online payments, and online rentals. Your self storage website should not only be a showcase of your services, but a platform on which your prospects can get to know and trust you and your business.


Does Your Storage Website Meet Customer Expectations?

You’re Judged by Your Design

Consumers are judging you by your website’s design. The old adage, “you only get one chance to make a first impression” has never been more accurate. If your website is loading as fast as it should be, prospects will be moving through it quickly, and they have choices – you’re not the only facility in town. 

Your self storage website design will reflect your brand and the quality of your business. It should convey cohesiveness in the elements of your business: the brand, the images, the staff, and your customers. Don’t cut corners on design; hire a professional. Your objective is to get prospects to visualize themselves using and enjoying your services.


Give Your Consumers Value for Their Time

Your self storage website should not only be well-designed but should provide value to your customers. Think about the questions your prospects ask all the time. Those are the questions they’re typing into Google. Your home page should give people details, information, and a reason to use your services – the benefits of storing with you and the reasons your self storage business is unique. It should provide contact information and links to next steps. 

For example, prospects should be able to link to storage options, size guides, reservations and online rental pages. Links to FAQs, packing tips, and high-quality, informative blogs will give your audience a reason to stay on your site that much longer. 


Never Underestimate the Impact of Speed

Did you ever try to use a self storage website that takes more than a few seconds to load? Do you calmly wait while your computer or your mobile device struggles to bring you what you’re looking for? I think not. You and your customers have better things to do than stare at a vacant screen.

According to Neil Patel and Sean Work at KISSmetrics, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, and 40% abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Do you know what this means to your bottom line? A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions, which can mean hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars. Be sure that your web developers are up to speed with optimizing page speed. (No pun intended!) Never underestimate the impact of speed.


Make Mobile Responsiveness a Priority

The growth of mobile devices is astonishing. Marketpath states that “currently, more than 58% of American adults own a smartphone and almost 60% of all website traffic is from mobile devices. In fact, there are currently more mobile devices on earth than there are people. And every month mobile usage continues to grow, so every month more and more prospects and customers will view your website from a mobile device.” 

Customers approach self storage in the same way that they approach any other online shopping experience. They rely on mobile devices for research to help them make an informed buying decision. Autopay and online payments are another convenience, enabling tenants to pay securely using their mobile devices. If your self storage website doesn’t provide a simple, seamless mobile experience, you’re sending your prospects to a competitor. 



Your customers want your self storage website to be a satisfying experience. They want to be delighted and excited with cutting edge design, content that provides value, speed that competes with Formula 1 racing, and seamless mobile responsiveness. Give them what they want, or they’ll find it elsewhere.