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FineView Marketing is a full-service, boutique marketing agency dedicated to working with independently owned and operated self storage and commercial real estate companies. Our core focus is helping those who don’t have the resources to build an in-house marketing team. With our extensive network of marketing professionals we can act as that team. From providing high-level strategy, to executing on simple daily tasks, our team is ready to provide the extra manpower you need to drive more leads and convert more rentals.

Whatever your needs, short- or long-term, we work collaboratively with our clients to assess their pain points and generate strategies that drive results. Not every business is the same and neither is every project. We love that! There are no “one-size-fits-all” marketing plans, so we make it our business to know your business. This allows us to proactively make recommendations to implement effective and appropriate solutions to solve your challenges.

We believe in creating a holistic approach to marketing, ensuring that everything from your online to your in-store presence is working hand-in-hand. Barbara Corcoran said it best, “People shop with their eyes, then read the details.” With every project and every client we strive to combine design theory with marketing strategy to develop impactful marketing campaigns that attract and convert high-value customers.

Competitive Advantage

  • FineView Marketing
    Eagerness to learn. Continually educating ourselves and our clients.
  • FineView Marketing
    Relentless execution. Take ownership, go the extra mile.
  • FineView Marketing
    Think big picture. Consider all parts of the business.
  • FineView Marketing
    Driven by data. It’s about more than visual appeal.
  • FineView Marketing
    Create partnerships. Our clients are an extension of our team.
  • FineView Marketing
    Be relatable. Don’t take life too seriously. Be positive. Have fun.

We are passionate marketing experts helping independent self storage and commercial real estate companies reinvent their brand image, compete head-on with larger operators, and achieve success by bringing personalized, holistic marketing strategies to life.

5 Step Process to Marketing

Our process for delivering successful marketing programs starts with our decades of experience. With a history of working across multiple industries, we’ve been able to assemble an extensive collection of marketing best practices, transforming them into a 5 step process.

1. Listen

Understand your current marketing strategies and business objectives.

Understand your business

Every company is different. During our initial discussions, we listen and learn. We’ll ask you questions. What have you done in the past? What do you believe worked or didn’t? FineView will study your market and get to know your customer base. We scope out your competition to see what they’re doing. Our objective is to uncover key insights that guide our thinking and yours.
Define specific goals and objectives

Define specific goals and objectives

During your onboarding, we also want to learn about your key goals and objectives. What are your areas of focus, so we can make sure we focus on them too. Often, the number one goal is to drive occupancy and revenue. But what are your defined targets? Is there a specific occupancy goal you want to reach or a percentage of revenue you want to grow?

2. Build

Outline the right marketing mix

Outline the right marketing mix

At this point, we’re able to create a plan that brings our vision to life. We combine knowledge gained from the challenges we’ve faced; the challenges our client’s have faced and your current challenges and goals to create a customized marketing mix suited for your needs. This is the framework from which your final marketing plan, or road map as we call it, will come to life.
Road map based on location demographics

Build your marketing road map

This is where it all comes together. We create ideas that help integrate your business across multiple platforms, weaving you into peoples’ lives. These ideas engage, entertain, and inform. The road map is a collaborative effort taking into account the previous steps of the process. We will create a timeline of all the tasks which aim to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

3. Implement


Execute on your new marketing strategies

This is the moment of truth. Strategies are implemented and campaigns launched. This step in the process is the most extensive and most collaborative between our team. It involves managing all the tasks on your marketing road map – visual design, content and asset development, SEO optimization, SEM management, community marketing, social media management, reputation management, or whatever strategies were deemed valuable during the build phase.

For you, the decision maker, this is the easy step. That’s the best part about our process. By the time the implementation phase begins, you’ve already made the tough decisions. You’ve shared in the vision, embraced the insights, and approved the plan. There’s still work to do, but your focus can move elsewhere. This is where FineView takes over and either executes tasks or works with your store-level employees on implementation — driving leads and adding value.

4. Measure


Measure, track, and report on your ROI

By clearly defining your primary goals and objectives early in the process, we’ll identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that we can use to measure performance. We figure out what’s working and what could be working better. At the end of the day, we want to track consumer behavior to create stronger, more relevant experiences that further connect them to your brand and deliver on your goals.

5. Optimize


Optimize campaigns to drive results

We don’t believe in simply ‘setting and forgetting’ marketing plans. It is important to constantly look for ways to improve. We use data and results to optimize and enhance the final product. If something isn’t performing as it should, we tweak it. If a strategy is not working at all, we remove it. At the end of the day, we’re dedicated to working with growing companies to provide insights and guidance to track results, adjust strategies, and drive high performance.

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