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Where the present meets the past

It’s no coincidence our Founder and CEO, Christina Alvino ended up in marketing and real estate. The story of FineView Marketing is tied to roots of family many generations past. FineView is a neighborhood just across the river from downtown Pittsburgh, PA. It’s known for some of the best views the city has to offer. It also happens to be where, during the great depression her great-great-grandmother owned real estate – row houses to be exact. Today we’d call that a multi-family property investor. Back then, she was just an Italian immigrant with the smarts for good business. How did Great-great-grandma Gramendola make enough money to buy real estate in the 1920’s? Well that’s a story for another time. But for the many years she lived in FineView, her home became the neighborhood gathering place, bringing people together and forming lasting relationships. The past gives meaning to the future. Like the actions of the past, our goals of the present are to bring people together, cultivate relationships and ultimately drive growth. Thanks great-great-grandma for inspiring who we are today!
Great-great-grandma Gramendola the women behind the name

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