Marketing With a Heart

Giving back is always a good thing. Including philanthropy in your marketing strategy is not only selfless; it’s smart. But it only works if you choose the right cause, and make sure that your altruism goes beyond self promotion. You need to find a way to incorporate charity without making it look like a marketing tactic.

Giving Back

Here are some hints to guide your charity efforts.

Look for the Right Cause

Think about your business, and align yourself with a cause that needs your product or service. Look for something that supports your company’s vision and isn’t solely for self-promotion. For example, a storage company can provide discounted storage space to charities and local organizations devoted to making a difference, or a donation can be pledged to a specific charity for every review left online. 

Don’t Over Promote Your Company

Spotlighting your charity work is fine, but too much boasting can have the wrong effect. Instead of bragging, ask the groups that benefit from your giving to mention your charity work on their websites and social media pages. You can also encourage your customers to promote your efforts with hashtags and shoutouts on social media. 

Don’t Just Give Money, Give More

Writing a check is easy, and it’s certainly helpful to support nonprofits this way. But, being directly involved is more effective. Volunteer for your chosen charity and encourage your employees to do the same. You can offer mentoring to young adults or help out at a food bank. A marketing company can provide free marketing services and materials. 

Don’t Take a “One-and-Done” Approach

If you want giving back to be one of your marketing tools, you need to be consistent. If you support charitable organizations over the long term, people will see the connection between your business and your philanthropy. You won’t have to mention it in your advertising.

Business Benefits

The most important motivation for incorporating charity into your business model is that it simply feels good to help others. Nevertheless, there are also some business justifications for being charitable. It’s a way of qualifying for tax breaks and attracting new customers. Giving back to the community is a win-win. Following are some business-friendly reasons for being charitable.

Your Business Will Qualify for Tax Deductions

There are myriad ways to get charitable tax write offs for supporting an IRS approved nonprofit. Your company will qualify for deductions on donations, expenses for volunteer time and travel, and more. Be sure to work with an accountant and your nonprofit directors for help in properly documenting and filing expenses.

Customers Love Doing Business with Companies that Give Back

A whopping 85% of consumers say that they prefer brands that support a charity they care about. Customers will be more likely to form long-term relationships with your business if they feel their purchases make a meaningful impact.  If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd, supporting a nonprofit might move customers in your direction. This is especially true during times of sudden crisis (think 9/11 and recent natural disasters) and the Christmas season.


There are charities that will offer free publicity as a means of attracting sponsorships. If your company chooses to sponsor a nonprofit, you will probably see your logo on social media platforms and brochures. This is a real benefit to your online reputation. If your employees participate in an event sponsored by your chosen charity, take pictures for your newsletter and social media accounts. This will expose your brand to new audiences and promote continued support from current customers. 

Speaking of publicity, we’d like to give a shoutout to a couple of FineView’s clients for their philanthropic efforts. All Purpose Storage does a yearly school supply drive at all locations and a Christmas toy drive at their Tomball location, and My Storage Plus participates in Toys for Tots at all locations.

Good service doesn’t stop with your customers. Giving back is also a great way to build employee morale. Scientific studies have shown helping those in need can reduce stress and depression. Altruism can generate feelings of gratitude by reminding you of your own blessings.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill