What Do Your Photos Say About Your Self Storage Facility?

Your Photos from a Customer Perspective

Look objectively at the photos on your website, Google listing, or any other print material. What would you think if you were a customer seeing them for the first time? If your photos were taken on a clear, sunny day with your property looking bright and pristine, good for you. If they were taken on a dreary day and show weeds, debris and puddles in your drive aisles, you need new pictures.

People will look at bad photos and make snap judgments. Before even checking sizes, prices, and promotions, they’ll move on to another facility. Photos that are small, low-quality representations of your business are losing leads and revenue.

As a marketing professional, I frequently suggest new photos to my clients. Occasionally, I get pushback because they don’t want to spend the money. There’s an easy solution…it’s called a smartphone. They have pretty good cameras. If you clean up your property, and take pictures on a sunny day with your phone, they’ll probably look better than what you currently have online. Even if your property doesn’t look great, good photos can take it up a notch. 

Are Professional Photos Worth the Cost

Hiring a professional photographer to emphasize the positive areas of your property costs around $300. These pics should show examples of different size units, security features, and inviting images of your building. It’s nice to add a human touch with photos of the office, staff, and tenants. I can already hear the pushback, so I’m going to show you why it’s worth the $300.

Let’s Talk Numbers

A Google My Business listing with attractive, appealing photos can generate 45% more driving direction clicks and 35% more website clicks than a listing with dull, unimaginative, unattractive photos. One hundred visits a month from your GMB listing generates about 5 leads and 2-3 rentals. Closing 50%  – 60% of your leads isn’t bad. 

But what if, with awesome photos, you’re getting 35% more visits to your website. With 100 visits you were getting 5 leads (5%) and now you are getting 135 visits and generating 7 leads and 3-4 rentals.

This may only be 1 additional rental per month, but what does that look like in revenue? Keep in mind, that 1 rental stays for an average of 10-12 months. One additional rental at $100 per month for 10 months is $1,000 of revenue added to your bottom line. That’s $1,000 for every additional rental you generate, or $12,000 per year by spending $300 on a professional photographer.

I’d say that’s worth it. What do you think?

Still on the Fence?

If you’re still on the fence about professional photos or you want to get started on making your property look great right now, get a free copy of How to Take Great Property Photos, so that you can make that great first impression. Click here for your free copy. https://zfrmz.com/xmZAd1oLfdvCRbD3WT5e

Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a great one!