Creative Ways to Reach Gen Z Through Digital Marketing

Reach Gen Z Through Digital Marketing

Reach Gen Z Through Digital Marketing Strategies

Connecting with Generation Z (ages 18-25) through digital marketing can be a challenge. With the right strategies, however, it can be incredibly effective. As the largest population group in the world, Gen Z consumers can make up a significant portion of your customer base. This makes it critical to know how to reach them.

There are a variety of creative ways to reach Gen Z through digital marketing, including social media, influencer marketing, content marketing, and more. By utilizing these strategies, you can effectively reach and engage Gen Z consumers, build relationships, and drive sales.

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z is the demographic following Millennials (ages 26-41). Millennials are also known as Generation Y (Ages 42-57). It’s estimated that Gen Z is as large as the Millennial population, making it the largest generation in history.

Gen Z is unique in that they are the first digital natives. They’ve grown up with smartphones, social media, the internet, and a more globalized world. They’re often more independent, entrepreneurial, and driven than Millennials, and they’re also more diverse. Gen Z is primarily made up of Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, and Asian people.

If you haven’t started thinking about how to reach this generation, 2023 is the perfect time to start.

Why Do You Want to Connect With Gen Z Through Digital Marketing

Gen Z is the most educated and diverse generation in history, making them an incredibly important and valuable audience. They have a higher rate of entrepreneurship than their predecessors, and one in three owns their own business.

This group is also the most connected generation, with 90% having a social media account and 55% having a smartphone. They have spending power of over $140B

If you want to reach Gen Z, digital marketing is the best way and FineView Marketing understands how to overcome the challenges of reaching this demographic.

The Top Ways to Connect with Gen Z

Optimize for Every Platform

Gen Z is a multi-platform, multi-screen generation and is more likely to use an online-only store or brand website than other generations. They will engage with as many as five screens at one time. Your content should be tailored for each social platform. To put it differently, don’t share the same content on Instagram that you would on Facebook.

Build Social Media Profiles that Gen Z Wants to Follow

Growing up as digital natives, it’s no surprise that YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok play a huge role in fashioning their buying behaviors.

With a shift toward a more visually aligned experience, Instagram is an example of one platform that is on trend with Gen Z. With 800 million monthly users and a high rate of engagement, Instagram’s bite-sized stories hold a strong attraction for Gen Z.

Be Mobile Friendly

Most of Generation Z had mobile phones before they reached middle school. According to a recent survey, nearly 80 percent of teens first scrolled through their smartphones between the ages of 11 and 13. Optimize your content for mobile devices, and make it easy for Gen Zers to get to it as quickly as possible.

Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Most younger generations are no longer consuming traditional media like television and radio, but they view an average of 68 videos per day. They are constantly browsing and searching for relevant videos, and they want to be entertained. If you want to connect with them, you need visibility on their favorite video platforms.

Videos aren’t only for your YouTube channel. They can be repurposed for your website, social media, and other marketing campaigns. A strong, consistent video marketing strategy will increase engagement and develop brand loyalty.

Prioritize Social Responsibility

If you want to engage Gen Z consumers, speak to their interests. This group likes to interact with brands based on their beliefs, and they are more likely to buy from a company that supports a social cause.

For example,, an online self storage auction site, funnels all proceeds to eight different worthy causes through StorageGives. Another example is Warby-Parker. For every pair of glasses purchased, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need.

Grab Gen Z’s attention with missions that align with their values.

Be Authentic

Brand authenticity is very important to Gen Z. If you want to build a relationship with them, your brand message should be customized to appeal to this age group. They expect a genuine two-way conversation in which you speak their language and understand their needs.


Gen Zers are digital natives. They’re the first generation who don’t know a world without the internet, smartphones, and social media. They are an educated, diverse, and valuable audience with strong purchasing power. If you want to attract them as potential customers, create a digital strategy that speaks to their needs and motivations.