Digital Marketing for Self Storage: Expectations Vs. Reality

Digital Marketing for Self Storage

The term “digital marketing” was first used in the 1990s and has since emerged as a powerful force. Today, with 170 million people using social media almost daily, traditional marketing will soon be a moment in history. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, “Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote or market products and services to targeted consumers and businesses.” Marketing for self storage has been evolving over the years and it has now reached a point where operators must track and evaluate the data to stand out from the competition.

Digital marketing is the preferred method to increase brand awareness and engage your target audience. The biggest challenge, however, is standing out from the crowd. With so many companies using digital marketing to promote their products and services, it can be difficult to get noticed. If you want to rise above the noise in the self storage industry, you need a company like FineView Marketing. Their team knows what works and what doesn’t and creates custom digital marketing strategies that get results.

Compared with other more traditional forms of advertising, like print and television commercials, digital marketing is the more affordable choice. It’s less expensive to implement and maintain and provides access to a vast audience. Digital marketing offers superior tracking capabilities that inform strategies that are customizable to your specific audience and your unique business needs.

With so many benefits, it’s not surprising that the majority of the top marketers rely on digital marketing to promote their client’s businesses and services. Even with the right marketing team designing customized strategies and unique solutions, expectations should be based on reality.

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Digital Marketing for Self Storage: Expectations vs. Reality

More Visibility Means More Business and More Conversions
Expectation: Most businesses believe that more visibility will lead to more conversions.

Reality: Website and social media traffic is a critical factor when it comes to obtaining leads, but it has to be relevant, engaged traffic. For example, if you own a self storage facility, you want people who specifically need self storage, not people who are looking for storage sheds or storage bins. It’s important to remember that social media is a public forum, not a one-way street.

In the current marketing landscape, social media competes for the attention of billions of people every day. With this in mind, you need the right marketing professionals who understand how to reach consumers by fostering an active, dynamic social media presence that will help you to learn more about your existing audience, attract new followers, and raise awareness of your brand. This leads to increased conversions. For more information read How Organic and Social Media Marketing Can Work and Play Well Together and How Does Self Storage Website Design Lead to Higher Conversions.

Digital Marketing is Only for Large Corporations

Expectation: Most businesses believe digital Marketing is only for huge companies.

Reality: In this case, size doesn’t matter. If you own a business that provides products and services, you need an online presence to support your goals. Digital marketing is essential to reach your target audience, understand your customers’ habits through analytics, and drive results that will improve your profitability. You cannot afford to be invisible on the internet.

Creating Unique Social Content is Enough for My Marketing Strategy

Expectation: Most businesses believe that unique social content will attract and engage their target audience.

Reality: Your content has to be not only unique, but high-quality, and optimized. A powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your business is the key to driving traffic to your website and helping to quickly increase your Google rank. SEO refers to your choice of keywords, the user-friendliness of your site, and the links you obtain. Your content has to break through the noise and provide value to your audience. The goal is to optimize your site so that your business will rank above other self storage facilities in your area. Higher rankings lead to more clicks and more customers.

It’s Easy to Come Up With Creative Ideas for Business

Expectation: Most businesses believe that it’s easy to create innovative ideas for your marketing campaign.

Reality: Innovative, dynamic ideas require creativity and an understanding of your ideal customer’s needs. Once you have a grasp of this information, digital marketing can make a significant difference in your campaigns. Determining what works and adjusting marketing strategies as needed will be the foundation of well-targeted, personalized campaigns to turn prospects into customers. A point that is often overlooked is that this does not happen overnight. Digital marketing is all about hard work and experimentation.

Digital Marketing Means More Money

Expectation: Most businesses believe that digital marketing reaches millions of people, so you will make millions of dollars quickly.

Reality: There is far more to it. Digital marketing is an investment, not a profit-making tool. You will make more money with the right marketing team, but It doesn’t always pay off in a way that will make immediate sense to you.

For example, a well-designed, user-friendly website that engages customers and converts leads is always a good investment in your company’s future. The ROI of that website, however, can be negative if other components are incorrectly factored into the marketing program. The website is one part of a more complex whole. There won’t be growth in your business if your social media strategy and other pieces of the plan aren’t in place. The right techniques have to be applied in the right way.

Paid Ads Significantly Increase Traffic

Expectation: Most businesses believe that paid ads automatically bring more traffic to your site.

Reality: As a self storage owner, you want to get your brand in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Paid ads increase visibility, but a prospect will only click on the ad if the content is high-quality. High-quality content is optimized for engagement, defined by data, and achieves marketing goals. The reality of paid ads is that they are complicated. A paid ad campaign requires patience and persistence. The plan will take at least 3 months to fully develop and then 4 to 12 months to evolve into a solid campaign. For more information read Google Ads: How They Work and What You Should Expect.


In today’s competitive market, having high expectations is not in itself a bad thing. As long as you understand the reality that success with digital marketing takes professional expertise as well as patience and perseverance, you’ll reach your desired result.